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Why choose ViiFire Door?

ViiFire Door removes the hassles of doors; designing, installing, maintaining, wedging open and living with the inconvenience and danger of constantly opening them. ViiFire Doors improve the environment in which you live and work.

You don’t compromise on safety; merely conceal it until needed, and with additional safety features like battery back-up, emergency power and controlled fail safe descent ViiFire Door will quietly and inconspicuously protect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week leaving you with full peace of mind. The ViiFire Door can be retro-fitted and / or designed and installed into new build projects creating the opportunity to rethink the design of your building internally.

ViiFire Door’s range of standard opening sizes accommodates most building needs however if you have a need for something special, a made-to-measure service is available. This will give you the opportunity to create a clear opening for corridors and communal areas. For installation, use Coopers trained approved ViiFire Installers, adding value to the overall package and your peace of mind.

ViiFire Door’s wide range of safety accessories and upgrades are available to comply with the Building Regulations requirements. ViiFire Door will also give solutions where Building Regulation, Approved Documents B and M clash, where the demands of ‘fire safety’ conflict with ‘access to and use of buildings’.

ViiFire Door’s ‘plug and play’ controls are really compact and can easily be hidden from sight. For easy, trouble-free monitoring and testing the ViiFire micro control panel is the size of a normal flush fitted light switch.

ViiFire Door’s range ‘push-to-retract’ (‘emergency retract’) buttons cover the requirements for public buildings as well as models for residential and domestic applications.


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