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Why Bi-Fold?

With a Bi-Fold Door - YOU GET MORE...

The bifold doors have been around for many years and the unique design has made Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors the leader in the market. Schweiss Bi-fold Doors have design features built into the door that make the bifold door stand out in a class of its own. Below we list some of the designs that make the bifold a good choice. New "Lift Straps" - Opens Door Evenly, Safely & Provide Longevity.

The bi-fold door frames are raised open with our patented heavy duty lift straps that are evenly located through out the entire door frame to provide an even lifting of the door frame. Bi-Fold doors are lifted upward with nylon lift straps rated at 29,000 lbs tensile strength. The nylon straps attach to the bottom of the door frame at multiple locations that provide an even lifting of the door frame. These straps never bind / make noise like a cable lift door.

No Pulleys Needed With Lift Straps

• Lift straps wrap in a spool to raise and lower which increases the operating speed and make a very quiet-operating door.
• Lift strap doors DO Not require pulleys a very nice design. Less parts, less problems, less maintenance.
2 Piece Bi-Fold Door Frame

• Bifold doors have 2 sections, a top half and a bottom half that provide many design advantages.

Why a 2 piece door?
• A two section door hangs out 1/2 the distance of other doors - putting less stresses on your building.

Door Wedge - means less stress on your building structure
When a bifold opens the door frame folds into a V or a wedge acting as a huge truss supporting each of the 2 piece bifold door sections. The larger the wedge the less stress it exerts onto the building structure.

Bi-fold doors are designed with 2 sets of hinges to share the loads of the the door frame. Schweiss believes in strength and safety.

Multiple Lift Points
Our door in the open position has multiple lift points that evenly support the door. The multiple lift points are spaced evenly across the entire width of the door frame that attaches to the building structure, carrying the door loads more evenly to the attaching points on the building making less stress on the building.

Weather Elements
Bi-fold doors when in the full open position have a slight slope to provide drainage to your door... The unique design is standard on all Schweiss Bi-fold doors... and is the only door on the market that allows any moisture, water or snow to flow off the door section in the open position.

When a door is mounted on a side wall of the building, all the roof moisture that comes off the building onto your open door, must be able to flow off the door covering. This is all possible with a bifold door because of the natural slope built into the bifold door wedge.
Bifold Doors Lift Up And Out As The Door Opens

Bi-fold doors have a huge advantage when opening, they start by raising upward, requiring less operating space in the front of your building. The area in front of your large door opening is very valuable space, the 2 piece bifold allows more usable space in front of your door opening. Bi-fold doors are simply a real space saver.
YOU GET MORE....With a Bi-Fold Door


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