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ViiFire Door Systems

The Virtual, Intelligent, Invisible Fire Door system

You’ll never know its there when you need it!

The Coopers ViiFire Door is tucked neatly away out of sight enabling you to design, change and improve the internal environment of any building requiring fire doors whilst improving on safety. The ViiFire Door offers the first real alternative to conventional fire doors giving architects and owners the opportunity to open up and improve any internal space on many levels including functionality, decor and above all, life safety.

Introducing the ViiFire Door

The ViiFire Door is a neat compact fully automatic motorised roller system with a state of the art high temperature stainless steel reinforced curtain, tested up to 1000°C, concealed in a strong steel casing above your doorway or opening. It remains hidden but ready to work when you need it - in the event of fire. It is easy for a competent person to install and is the first and only ‘plug and play’ system.


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