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Tulus Group Wooden Doors

PT. TULUS TRI TUNGGAL has been producing wooden doors since 1985 and is one of the leading door manufacturers in Indonesia. Our extensive production experience and research has led us to the path of excellence in craftmanship, product quality and durability. So far, our products have entered the global market in numerous countries ranging from Belgium, the United States, Australia, Japan, Spain and many more throughout the world.

Recently, we have entered the Indonesian door market under the TULUS DOOR brand . TULUS DOOR products are now used in thousands of homes and hundreds of housing estate across Indonesia and now a dominant industry leader. A testament to the quality of our product. In Indonesia, TULUS DOOR is marketed with a 3 year warranty to prove our commitment.

Our main products consists of two types of wooden doors, they are:

Solid interior wooden door made with a combination of woods to form the core of the door, and laminated with a wood veneer. Types of wood veneers range from nyatoh, teak wood (jati), meranti, red, white oak, maple and pine. This allows our doors to be free from all naturally occuring defects that are normally found in woods. Other advantages due to the techniques used is that our doors are less prone to warping, spliting and cracking like regular solid doors. Our production costs are lowered because the use premium wood is maximized, leading to a competitiveselling price to the consumers.

A hollow or a solid core door, with a plywood or synthetic skin. The plywood is then laminated with various species of woods to give different wooden texture effects and combination of these woods can be used to form various beautiful patterns and designs.

For the local market, the standard door size is 36 x 720/820/920 x 2100/2400 mm. For export purposes, any sizes can easily accomodated.

PT. TULUS TRI TUNGGAL also manufacture door casings to go along with our doors. Our casings are also made with the same techniques and advantages of our solid engineering doors.