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Tulus Group Wooden Doors

PT. TULUS TRI TUNGGAL has been producing wooden doors since 1985 and is one of the leading door manufacturers in Indonesia. Our extensive production experience and research has led us to the path of excellence in craftmanship, product quality and durability. So far, our products have entered the global market in numerous countries ranging from Belgium, the United States, Australia, Japan, Spain and many more throughout the world.

Recently, we have entered the Indonesian door market under the TULUS DOOR brand . TULUS DOOR products are now used in thousands of homes and hundreds of housing estate across Indonesia and now a dominant industry leader. A testament to the quality of our product. In Indonesia, TULUS DOOR is marketed with a 3 year warranty to prove our commitment.

Our main products consists of two types of wooden doors, they are:

Solid interior wooden door made with a combination of woods to form the core of the door, and laminated with a wood veneer. Types of wood veneers range from nyatoh, teak wood (jati), meranti, red, white oak, maple and pine. This allows our doors to be free from all naturally occuring defects that are normally found in woods. Other advantages due to the techniques used is that our doors are less prone to warping, spliting and cracking like regular solid doors. Our production costs are lowered because the use premium wood is maximized, leading to a competitiveselling price to the consumers.

A hollow or a solid core door, with a plywood or synthetic skin. The plywood is then laminated with various species of woods to give different wooden texture effects and combination of these woods can be used to form various beautiful patterns and designs.

For the local market, the standard door size is 36 x 720/820/920 x 2100/2400 mm. For export purposes, any sizes can easily accomodated.

PT. TULUS TRI TUNGGAL also manufacture door casings to go along with our doors. Our casings are also made with the same techniques and advantages of our solid engineering doors.

Taotao Group Door Products

1.Security door (27)
2.Steel entrance door (11)
3.powder-coating door (5)
4.Non-standard door (7)
5.fireproof door (2)
6.interior door (5)
7.Steel-wooden Door (3)
8.Door parts (3)

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Company Name: Taotao Group Taotao Door Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Address: Xiandu Industry Zone, Xinbi Town, Jinyun County, Lishui, Zhejiang, China

City/Province: Lishui/Zhejiang

Country/Region: China

Telephone Number: 86-578-3183876

Fax Number: 86-578-3183668

Contact Person: Ms. Sabrina

Position: Sales Manager

Mobile: 86-13738963935


Taotao Group Door - 3

Two Opening Design Entrance Steel Security Door (TT025)

Product Description

(1)Material: cold-rolled steel sheet, inside honeycomb
(2)Thickness of Door leaf: 90mm
(3)Thickness of Door surface steel: 0. 6mm
(4)Thickness of Door frame: 1. 2mm
(5)Opening direction: inward/outward
(6)Lock handle position: on left/on right
(7)Lock: dual rapidiness lock
(8)Pull: decided by buyer
(9)Door sill: stainless steel sill
(10)High definition peephole
(11)Special stainless steel hinge
(12)Product dimension (H x W): 2050 x 1500mm
Qty/20' FCL: 53pcs
Qty/40' GP: 120pcs
Qty/40' HQ: 136pcs

Various patterns, colors and sizes available upon requestPacking: Carton
Model: TT025
Origin: China
Min. Order: 20'FT


Taotao Group Door - 2

Powder-Coating Steel Door with Popular Pattern (TT-S024)

Product Description

Model No: TT-S024
(1)Material: Cold-rolled steel sheet, inside honeycomb
(2)Thickness of Door leaf: 50mm
(3)Thickness of Door surface steel: 0.6mm
(4)Thickness of Door frame: 1.2mm
(5)Opening direction: Inward/outward
(6)Lock handle position: On left/on right
(7)Lock: Machine lock
(8)Pull: Decided by buyer
(9)Door sill: Stainless steel sill
(10)High definition peephole
(11)Special stainless steel hinge
(12)Product dimension (H x W): 2050 x 860mm; 2050 x 960mm
Qty/20' FCL: 130pcs
Qty/40' GP: 288pcs
Qty/40' HQ: 312pcs
(14)Gross Weight: 54KGS, Net Weight: 52KGS
Various patterns, colors and sizes available upon requestPacking: carton
Model: TT-S024
Standard: ISO9001:2000
HS Code: 73083000
Trademark: TAOTAO
Origin: china
Min. Order: 20FCL


Taotao Group Door - 1

Steel Entrance Door with Nice Peephole

Product Description

Model No: TT-64
(1)Material: cold-rolled steel sheet, inside honeycomb
(2)Thickness of Door leaf: 70mm
(3)Thickness of Door surface steel: 0.7mm
(4)Thickness of Door frame: 1.2mm
(5)Opening direction: inward/outward
(6)Lock handle position: on left/on right
(7)Lock: dual-rapidiness lock
(8)Pull: decided by buyer
(9)Door sill: stainless steel sill
(10)High definition peephole
(11)Special stainless steel hinge
(12)Product dimension (H x W): 2050 x 860mm; 2050 x 950mm
Qty/20' FCL: 105pcs
Qty/40' HQ: 241pcs
(14)Gross Weight: 57KGS, Net Weight: 55KGS

Various patterns, colors and sizes available upon requestModel: TT-64
Productivity: 500,000pcs/year
Trademark: TAOTAO DOOR


Taotao Group Taotao Door Industry

Product Line

China Taotao Door Co.,Ltd covers an area of more than 200,000 square meters, which is modern enterprise with annual production capacity of more than 500,000 doors . At present , Our factory have two product lines . We can produce more than 1,200pcs doors everyday . Welcome to china ! Welcome to our factory !

Company Info

Taotao Door Industry Co., Ltd. Is a subsidiary company of China Taotao Group, which is an integrated enterprise. The group has other subsidiary companies, including Taotao Foundry Co., Ltd., Taotao Hotel, Yongkang Taotao Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinyun County Xiangyuan Industry Co., Ltd., and Yuanda Waster Recycle Co., Ltd.

Taotao Door Industry Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer that integrates design, ... [ Click for details ]


ViiFire Doors - Architectural benefits

  • Open space!
  • Increases the scope of internal design possibilities
  • Creates solutions for radical property development
  • Maintains building fire integrity without compromise

ViiFire Doors - Alarm integration

The ViiFire Door can be stand alone with its own dedicated smoke, heat or thermal fuse detectors or it can be integrated in to the main alarm system.

ViiFire Door can be programmed to descend fully or partially to enable escape and to provide immediate smoke protection.


ViiFire Door - Safety

  • No risk of tripping, falling, snagging or trapping
  • Removes risk of (in)advertent fire regulation infringement
  • Improves internal visibility, for better security
  • Reduces risk of infection transfer
  • Resolves issues relating to building regulations for access to and use of buildings (Approved Document M)
  • Supports Government initiative of Lifetime Homes

ViiFire Door - Fit for purpose

  • No requirement for specialist installers
  • Plug and Play removes the need for electricians
  • Can be retro fit or new build installed
  • Designed to operate independently
  • Can be integrated into existing fire alarm system
  • Reduces installation time

Why choose ViiFire Door?

ViiFire Door removes the hassles of doors; designing, installing, maintaining, wedging open and living with the inconvenience and danger of constantly opening them. ViiFire Doors improve the environment in which you live and work.

You don’t compromise on safety; merely conceal it until needed, and with additional safety features like battery back-up, emergency power and controlled fail safe descent ViiFire Door will quietly and inconspicuously protect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week leaving you with full peace of mind. The ViiFire Door can be retro-fitted and / or designed and installed into new build projects creating the opportunity to rethink the design of your building internally.

ViiFire Door’s range of standard opening sizes accommodates most building needs however if you have a need for something special, a made-to-measure service is available. This will give you the opportunity to create a clear opening for corridors and communal areas. For installation, use Coopers trained approved ViiFire Installers, adding value to the overall package and your peace of mind.

ViiFire Door’s wide range of safety accessories and upgrades are available to comply with the Building Regulations requirements. ViiFire Door will also give solutions where Building Regulation, Approved Documents B and M clash, where the demands of ‘fire safety’ conflict with ‘access to and use of buildings’.

ViiFire Door’s ‘plug and play’ controls are really compact and can easily be hidden from sight. For easy, trouble-free monitoring and testing the ViiFire micro control panel is the size of a normal flush fitted light switch.

ViiFire Door’s range ‘push-to-retract’ (‘emergency retract’) buttons cover the requirements for public buildings as well as models for residential and domestic applications.


ViiFire Door Systems

The Virtual, Intelligent, Invisible Fire Door system

You’ll never know its there when you need it!

The Coopers ViiFire Door is tucked neatly away out of sight enabling you to design, change and improve the internal environment of any building requiring fire doors whilst improving on safety. The ViiFire Door offers the first real alternative to conventional fire doors giving architects and owners the opportunity to open up and improve any internal space on many levels including functionality, decor and above all, life safety.

Introducing the ViiFire Door

The ViiFire Door is a neat compact fully automatic motorised roller system with a state of the art high temperature stainless steel reinforced curtain, tested up to 1000°C, concealed in a strong steel casing above your doorway or opening. It remains hidden but ready to work when you need it - in the event of fire. It is easy for a competent person to install and is the first and only ‘plug and play’ system.


SCHWEISS Door History

History of Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors
Aviation Industry and Bigger Farm Equipment Push Bi-Fold Doors

Ideas come from the darndest places! Take for example the birth of Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors, rural Fairfax, MN, which today has thousands of its unique vertical folding doors providing quick, quiet and effortless entry to airplane hangers, commercial buildings and farm sheds across America and other parts of the world.

Owner Mike Schweiss relates, "It was 1980. I was at a wedding dance. A friend commented Mike, you build lots of different things. Why not a door that folds up?"

Ironically that very person died of a heart attack that same evening. But his idea didn't!

At that time, Schweiss and his three employees were manufacturing things like farrowing crates for sows, snow blowers, farm trailers, tile plows and can you imagine something called the Schweiss Chicken Plucker!

He chuckles, "it was the Chicken Plucker that gave us name recognition, and in fact got us going financially." His first Bi-Fold door measured 12 x 12, and was installed at Renville County Highway shed, 10 miles from Mike's country factory location. The door is still in operation even though Schweiss admits, "we made it wrong every which way."

There apparently isn't anything wrong with the Schweiss Bi-Fold door today however, especially since the advent of their unique, patented nylon Lift Strap System 6 years ago, which replaced the conventional cable system, still used by most mechanical door manufacturers.

The Lift-Strap System utilizes nylon web material, which quietly wraps on a take-up spindle when the start-stop button activates an electric motor. Tensile strength of this nylon strap is a whopping 29,000 lbs! The straps never rusts, making them more durable and longer lasting than steel cables.

Depending upon door size, two, four or six sets of straps are installed with each Bi-Fold door. Their biggest door to date is a massive 140' wide facility. Their biggest single project to date 114 Bi-Fold doors all 12 x 40, for T-hangers at a new privately owned Arizona airfield.

Today the aviation industry claims about 75% of the total sales of Schweiss Manufacturing, which now employs about 50 people full-time and upwards of 70 on a seasonal basis when the Ag market ratchets up a notch or two. Because farm equipment gets bigger and bigger, the Schweiss Bi-Fold finds a comfortable niche with commercial farmers building new machine sheds for their huge farm equipment. Door heights are now up to 18, and can be remotely controlled from tractor, pickup or combine cabs.

Cost vary depending upon size of door and options with current costs at $110-$130/linear foot. This includes installation, which typically is a 1-day process for the 2-3-man Schweiss crew that delivers the door.

Schweiss Bi-Folds can be ordered with a walk-through door, single or double-insulated windows, radio-controlled capability, photo eye sensor for emergency stop situations and insulated. Doors can also be custom cut, to gain extra headroom. In essence, the top portion of the Bi-Fold is slant cut to follow the roof line.

Why the recent sales strength in the aviation industry? Having a good product obviously deserves credit. Schweiss also notes a turnaround in the private aviation sector, even though it slow edtemporarily after the 9/11 incident.

"When Piper, Cessna, and others started building small planes again, our business with airport operators and airport builders really took off", relates Schweiss, himself a licensed pilot owning a Cherokee Six hangered at Hector, MN, eight miles from Mike's office. The Hector Airport is one of the more active small airports in Minnesota, due to heavy aerial crop spraying business. Airport manager, Ed Neuberg, is the guy who gave Schweiss the idea of the nylon wrap. "That's one person to who I will always be thankful", sums up Schweiss.

Today business is brisk for Schweiss Bi-Fold with both national and international sales including a Japanese based distributor. "Long-term future of our industry is strong. Better, quicker, quieter and safer door openings have a bright future," concludes Schweiss.

Casual dress and ready telephones are trademarks of Mike Schweiss, owner of Schweiss Manufacturing, rural Fairfax, MN. With a nationwide dealer network plus a recent franchise addition in Japan, revenues exceeded $7 million this past year. Bi-Fold door sales to the aviation industry now account for about 75% of total sales.

Rick Wollin, Computer Programmer and Inventory Control Manager, developed a unique computer program that details steel components, hinges, nuts, bolts and total hardware of each door. A computer printout of each order goes to electrical, steel, and welding crews in the various buildings of an 11-acre manufacturing facility, so each worker knows precisely what hardware is needed for each door as it moves through the assembly process. Doors are built as ordered so inventory is minimized.

Lead Sales person, Julie Schafer coordinates telephone and Internet generated sales. About 15% of sales activity is now Internet sourced, gets you there. By phone, its 800-746-8273.

Heavy-duty nylon strap (29,000 lbs. tensile strength) replaces noisy, high-maintenance steel cables and has generated a substantial sales jump. Schweiss Bi-Fold is one of about ten Bi-Fold door manufacturers nationwide, but patented nylon strap systems is unique with Schweiss Manufacturing.


Doors at Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina Slowed, but Didn't Stop this Pilot

Touching base with a Hurricane survivor can be both grizzly and great. Aerobatic pilot Johnny Smith, Lucedale, Mississippi and his young family were survivors, as were his airplanes, thanks to their new 'hangar home' built to withstand 90 mile per hour winds, in fact even the 125 mile-per-hour blast of Hurricane Katrina. Smith shares some of his comments, and his appreciation for building a 'hangar home' tough enough to come out a winner, even against Katrina. "As many pilots will tell you, the ultimate dream of a pilot is to live on an airport “with” their airplane. That was especially my dream since I am involved in aerobatics and sport aviation and next to my family, flying is the heart and soul of my life," says Smith, age 41, who soloed a Weedhopper ultra light when he was 12 years old.

"After years of hard work, by dream finally came true. Our Sport Aviation operation outside Lucedale needed a new base. We spent 18 months building our own runway/airport, “Cedar Creek Air Ranch”, (FAA id MS26). My wife (a Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Reserve) was deployed to Iraq. So while she was overseas, we built out new hangar, this one large enough for my three airplanes (a Cessna 337, Glasair and a Zlin 50LS) plus living quarters for my family.

"We finished in August 2005, just a few days before Hurricane Katrina came roaring through the country. I used a local architect and builder to help with the construction. Our hangar home is a “Gulf States” steel framed, 60' x 80' x 14' building with a 12' x 50' Schweiss hydraulic door out front. And after Katrina roared through, I was ever so grateful for going the route of quality, especially in that big Schweiss door.

"Our hangar home was exposed to winds of 125-mph for several hours. Yet that huge door did not fail. Matter of fact, it survived without a scratch but a near-by wooden hangar housing my Cessna 337 was totally destroyed, with parts of that airplane and hangar strewn over a half mile away. My two other planes rode the storm out safe and sound in the new hangar.

"We're about done cleaning up around here. Thankfully our hangar home has really become the nerve center of our entire operation. My little daughters were small when the storm hit but remember the destruction so well. It's just an amazing sight to see trees falling debris blowing past your front window. We were on the inside looking out, and when the storm finally subsided, both my family and my airplanes were okay.

"My oldest daughter, Aerial-Grace, now 5, often comments that she loves our 'hangar' house because it is “very strong”. My daughters feel very safe here because we had zero damage when others lost their homes. We've talked about getting a second place “out west”. I asked the girls what kind of a house they'd want and they both say, “Daddy, a hangar house just like this one.” To me that means everything because this is where their childhood memories will always be."


Why Bi-Fold?

With a Bi-Fold Door - YOU GET MORE...

The bifold doors have been around for many years and the unique design has made Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors the leader in the market. Schweiss Bi-fold Doors have design features built into the door that make the bifold door stand out in a class of its own. Below we list some of the designs that make the bifold a good choice. New "Lift Straps" - Opens Door Evenly, Safely & Provide Longevity.

The bi-fold door frames are raised open with our patented heavy duty lift straps that are evenly located through out the entire door frame to provide an even lifting of the door frame. Bi-Fold doors are lifted upward with nylon lift straps rated at 29,000 lbs tensile strength. The nylon straps attach to the bottom of the door frame at multiple locations that provide an even lifting of the door frame. These straps never bind / make noise like a cable lift door.

No Pulleys Needed With Lift Straps

• Lift straps wrap in a spool to raise and lower which increases the operating speed and make a very quiet-operating door.
• Lift strap doors DO Not require pulleys a very nice design. Less parts, less problems, less maintenance.
2 Piece Bi-Fold Door Frame

• Bifold doors have 2 sections, a top half and a bottom half that provide many design advantages.

Why a 2 piece door?
• A two section door hangs out 1/2 the distance of other doors - putting less stresses on your building.

Door Wedge - means less stress on your building structure
When a bifold opens the door frame folds into a V or a wedge acting as a huge truss supporting each of the 2 piece bifold door sections. The larger the wedge the less stress it exerts onto the building structure.

Bi-fold doors are designed with 2 sets of hinges to share the loads of the the door frame. Schweiss believes in strength and safety.

Multiple Lift Points
Our door in the open position has multiple lift points that evenly support the door. The multiple lift points are spaced evenly across the entire width of the door frame that attaches to the building structure, carrying the door loads more evenly to the attaching points on the building making less stress on the building.

Weather Elements
Bi-fold doors when in the full open position have a slight slope to provide drainage to your door... The unique design is standard on all Schweiss Bi-fold doors... and is the only door on the market that allows any moisture, water or snow to flow off the door section in the open position.

When a door is mounted on a side wall of the building, all the roof moisture that comes off the building onto your open door, must be able to flow off the door covering. This is all possible with a bifold door because of the natural slope built into the bifold door wedge.
Bifold Doors Lift Up And Out As The Door Opens

Bi-fold doors have a huge advantage when opening, they start by raising upward, requiring less operating space in the front of your building. The area in front of your large door opening is very valuable space, the 2 piece bifold allows more usable space in front of your door opening. Bi-fold doors are simply a real space saver.
YOU GET MORE....With a Bi-Fold Door



Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors are custom made to fit any size
opening for your building. Each door is built to fit your clear opening
without using up existing headroom. There is no such thing as an odd
size door or a job too small. You dream it, and we make your dreams
come true.

New "One-Piece" Hydraulic Doors

Schweiss Doors is proud of our new "One-Piece" hydraulic doors that swing outward. Already a leader in the bifold door industry, Schweiss Doors also now offers the hydraulic "One-Piece"
door. The door design requires zero headroom, comes pre-hung, is water-tight, easy to install, easy to operate with the push of a button, easy to insulate and swings out to provide a canopy when the door is in the open position

Simple Unique Design

Powered by a powerful hydraulic pump, two heavy duty cylinders activate the "One-Piece" hydraulic door frame. Hinges across the top of the door frame allow the door frame to swing out and away from the building to the full open position. The hydraulic pump can be located away from the door opening to keep a clean look.

Lose No Headroom

Powered by a powerful hydraulic pump, two heavy duty cylinders
activate the "One-Piece" hydraulic door frame. Hinges across the top
of the door frame allow the door frame to swing out and away from the
building to the full open position. The hydraulic pump can be located
away from the door opening to keep a clean look.


The "One-Piece" hydraulic door design is another alternative to the
bi-fold door. Schweiss, the # 1 leader of the door industry, offers
choices when it comes to selecting doors. Please read the following
literature, let it be a helpful guide to selecting the door of your choice to
accommodate your building. Our intention is to provide the most for
your dollar with the best design money can buy.

You think it, we build it.




SCHWEISS Door are Perfect



SCHWEISS The Door Leader

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors leads the bifold door industry in quality, innovation, design, and price--making us America's top resource for bifold doors with options. When looking for a large door, hydraulic or bifold, we can build it. We also offer a wide array of optional features.
Aircraft Hangar Doors

Our convenient lift straps, auto latches, and remote control features make our bi fold doors perfect for most aircraft hangar building designs. Our aircraft hangar doors are custom built to order so you won't have to design your hangar around the door. Instead, focus on building the perfect hangar for your needs. Whether you design your building for small aircraft storage or as a large commercial aircraft hangar, our doors will fit your building as if they were part of the original design.

Popular uses of our large doors include;
• agricultural bi-fold doors
• industrial doors and commercial doors
Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors guarantees the best custom bifold doors on the market.

Our site offers assistance with;

• installing bifold doors
• upgrading your existing building
• helping you find the best bi-fold door
for your needs.
We invite you to discover why thousands of our customers have found Schweiss to be better than other bifold door manufacturers for large door needs. Our airport customers recommend Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors as their #1 aircraft hanger door manufacturer!
One-Piece Hydraulic Doors

The new One-Piece® HYDRAULIC DOOR design is another alternative to the bifold folding door. These single-panel doors lift up and swing away from your building with the push of a button. These large doors are powered by a high quality hydraulic pump that can be conveniently located away from the door opening to keep the clean look. Schweiss ONE-PIECE® HYDRAULIC DOORS require no headroom loss so retrofitting to existing structures such as a t-hangar, storage building, machine shed, or a garage, can help you gain additional overhead clearance required to utilize your steel or wood structure's full clear opening.
Check out The One-Piece Advantage!